Exchange 2007 and Public Folders

So every day is a school day and today I learnt two thing, which means that is enough for one week ;-)

So first off is BES.  If you use Exchange 2007, you MUST have public folders for BES to work?! Yeah!

BlackBerry Enterprise Server obtains free/busy data from the Schedule+Free/Busy Public Folder on the Microsoft Exchange Server. When Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 are running in native mode, they use the Availability Service (via Auto Discover) to determine free/busy data, so there is no Public Folder for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to find.

The Availability Service method of accessing free/busy data will be supported in a future version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange but for now you will need to install the Optional Public Folders in your Microsoft Exchange environment and configure the System Public Folder’s Schedule+Free/Busy Properties.

So the next thing I didn’t know anout, but Sardar put me right,  If you have a CCR cluster with a Public Folder store, you CANT have any other Public Folders!  yeah that is what I thought too.

Check this out: near the bottom

CCR and public folder replication are two very different forms of replication built into Exchange. Due to interoperability limitations between continuous replication and public folder replication, if more than one Mailbox server in the Exchange organization has a public folder database, public folder replication is enabled and public folder databases should not be hosted in CCR environments.


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