The Edinburgh Festival: Fringe – Faulty Towers the Dining Experience

Well, well, well.  We have been trying like mad to get tickets for this, so rang the venue and got two ticket. For £37 you get a three course dinner and the comedy, which leaves your sides aching with laughter.

Basically, you dine with snobbish, manic Basil; his domineering wife, Sybil; and hopelessly confused waiter, Manuel. It last two hours and is very worth while.

My only comment is the food was a bit ropey.  You get tomato soup to start with, followed by either Chicken breast and mash (that was really bad) or lamb and potatoes.  You finish with a chocolate cake thing.  Now if this is an example of the food at B’est, I won’t be returning.  Also the place has no A/C so it was really hot and uncomfortable.

Talking to the “actors” after the event, this is the first time they have been at the festival and surely no the last.  It was just such a laugh

So here are some pictures (but my Nokia phone just the worst in the world for taking picture!)

 Image082 Image083 Image084  Image087 Image088 Image089 Image090 Image091 Image092  Image094 Image095 Image096 Image097 Image098  Image100 Image101 Image102 Image103Image106Image107Image108Image109Image112Image113Image115


 Image104 Image105     Image111Image093    

And this is what they look like our of “character!

Image116 Image117 Image118

If you are the festival, you MUST come and see this!

Check out more here:

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