The Edinburgh Festival: Fringe – Fringe Sunday

So Sunday afternoon we headed out to the Meadows and Fringe Sunday.  The buzz in Edinburgh this time of year is just awesome.  The sheer amount of extra people is just amazing.

So the Meadows attracted and extra 100,000 people to see the free events.  The Meadows is a large park next to what used to be the Edinburgh Infirmary.

Fringe Sunday on the Meadows offers you the opportunity to see the best of the Fringe for free. Showcasing hundreds of Fringe music, theatre, comedy and dance acts. A unique open-air extravaganza for absolutely everyone.

It was a nice afternoon, but the rain put play to enjoying it to full.  The farmers market was good, as was some of the music and comedy, but most of the tented events suffered from over crowding, so they where not a very good experience, but you do get a feel for the festival.

After leaving like a drowned rat, we headed up to the Royal Mile, which just felt electric, I just cant explain what it’s like .. you just need to be here.

Next stop was up to the underbelly to book tickets from Tuesday night ;-) will let you know later on this one.  The off to the Pleasance Courtyard for a beer and chill out.

Check out more here:

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