The Edinburgh Festival: Fringe – Silent Disco

So after the races we had a couple of hours to kill before Silent Disco.  Now for those trendy festival loving people, you will know what Silent Disco is all about (Silent Disco are due to attend the Reading Festival this year).

Any way this is the most bizarre disco I have ever been to,  but was awesome.  Basically it has two DJ’s at the front, and you are given a set of headphone with two channels (one for each DJ).  That’s it!  You select the music you want to hear and dance you heart out in your own world.

What is strange is that when you take your headphone off, people look really strange just dancing to “no music”

Silent Disco is only at the festival until Sunday 17th so if your up, get ur butt down to Silent Disco, it’s just the best thing we have done this year!

Check out more here:

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