Exchange 2007: Offline Address Book

So been automating some global configuration in Exchange 2007 today and wanted to share this.  I need to enable web distribution of the oab and couldn’t find the Powershell “check box”.  But cracked it.  You need to just populate the VirtualDirectories entry and it “checks” the Enable Web-bases distribution.

The cheat was this:

$xOABs = Get-ClientAccessServer | Get-OabVirtualDirectory

Set-OfflineAddressBook ‘Default Offline Address Book’ -VirtualDirectories $xOABs

So we get all the CAS servers and pipe that to get the OAB Virtual Directories and then put that in to a variable ($xOABs)

Then we update the Default Offline Address Book using the $xOABs list of OAB Virtual Directories ;-)