Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator

I am sure you all know there is a new Storage Calculator out in the wild not, ver 15.6

I have downloaded and read the article and found a need to pass this script on to you all.  Basically about half way down is a link to Collectlogs VBS script

Come on! a VBS .. must be able to do that in PowerShell ;-) .. Well you sure can, and here is how!

PARAM ($InServer)
If ($InServer -eq $Null) {$InServer = Hostname}

$SGs = Get-StorageGroup -Server $InServer
ForEach ($SG in $SGs)
 $x = $SG.LogFolderPath
 $xLogpath  = “\$InServer
 $xLogpath += $x
 $xLogpath  = $xLogpath.Replace(“:”,”$”)
 Write-Host $xLogPath
 $xLogFiles = []::getfiles($xLogpath,”*.log”)
 $xLogFileCnt = $xLogFiles.Count
 Write-Host “Number of Log Files: $xLogFileCnt”

Quick & dirty .. Save the script and run it with or without a server name an it will give you the number of .log files in the each storage group directory! Sweeeeeet

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