Cisco to Buy Exchange-Alternative Vendor PostPath

I saw this up on Henrik’s blog .. yeah you might say  W H A T E V E R, but actually have a scout around the PostPath website is quite interesting.

The Cisco site says has the usual stuff “The acquisition of PostPath complements our strategy to develop an integrated collaboration platform designed for how we work today and into the future, providing real productivity gains and a more satisfying user experience!”

… “PostPath offers a Linux-based e-mail, calendaring and collaboration solution. It is interoperable with many other e-mail solutions and provides a browser-independent AJAX Web client. In addition, PostPath’s software is compatible with a number of mobile clients.”

But what is interesting is this Linux Exchange Server.  Now I haven’t seen it, but the site says:

Until recently, if you wanted a Linux Exchange Server solution for your organization you were out of luck. Microsoft does not offer a Linux Exchange Server product, and neither did anyone else. Until now.

The PostPath Server provides that Linux Exchange Server solution. Fully compatible with both Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook, the PostPath Server is a drop-in Exchange replacement. To both Microsoft Exchange servers and Outlook clients, the PostPath Server appears to be another Exchange server.

Whereas other Linux solutions to Outlook connectivity require Outlook to have plugins installed on all the clients, the PostPath Server is compatible at the protocol level. This means that Outlook interacts with the PostPath Server as though it were a Microsoft Exchange server, with all the features of Outlook enabled, without the need for any third-party plugins.

Microsoft does not offer a Linux Exchange Server. With PostPath Server, you don’t need one.


I will have a dig and see if I can get an eval! .. The oulook bit could be intersting too

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