440 Login Timeout when using OWA 2007

If you try and access OWA 2007 you may see this error
440 Login Timeout
It would appear that this error happens if the IUSR_ and / or IWAM_ accounts are disabled on the server.
Using Computer Mangement on the server, navigate to Local Users and Groups and select the disabled acount and using right click select properties
Now uncheck “Account is disabled”
Once you have done this for the IUSE and IWAM account run and IISReset
All should be back to normal!

Server Installation and Automation Guides

Theses are the mutts nuts.  Good old Ross Smith IV up’s the bar again.

Check them out here http://msexchangeteam.com/archive/2008/08/07/449497.aspx and here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc533547(EXCHG.80).aspx

…The following Exchange Server installation guides can be used as a starting point for formalizing your server build procedures. These guides are generic in nature and must be modified to meet the needs of your organization. Furthermore, it is recommended that every step in the guide you create be tested and validated in a lab environment before using it for production environments.

For Windows Server 2008 systems:

For Windows Server 2003 systems:


For me one of the most important things on this list is the Server Build DVD – Sample Hotfix List Should mention RU3?!

The Edinburgh Festival: Fringe – Jo Caulfield: Two-Faced ***?

We try and see Jo Caulfield every year, as I love here sense of humour and the shows are great.  This year was a new venue at The Stand Comedy Club in York Place, a nice intimate venue that can hold about 170 people!

.. Guaranteed laughs from queen of comedy. Star of Radio 4. Razor-sharp observations and scandalous one-liners. ‘Sharp-witted, urban comedy that goes down a treat’ (Times). ‘Wonderfully bitchy’ (Observer). ‘Pure comedy gold’ (Evening Standard).

The review was right, Jo “picked” on (as usual and why we sat at the back) a few people in the front row and  a number of typical subjects that left your sides hurting.

If you have an hour to spare, go see Jo, you wont regret it

Check out more here: http://www.edfringe.com

The Edinburgh Festival: Fringe – Silent Disco

So after the races we had a couple of hours to kill before Silent Disco.  Now for those trendy festival loving people, you will know what Silent Disco is all about (Silent Disco are due to attend the Reading Festival this year).

Any way this is the most bizarre disco I have ever been to,  but was awesome.  Basically it has two DJ’s at the front, and you are given a set of headphone with two channels (one for each DJ).  That’s it!  You select the music you want to hear and dance you heart out in your own world.

What is strange is that when you take your headphone off, people look really strange just dancing to “no music”

Silent Disco is only at the festival until Sunday 17th so if your up, get ur butt down to Silent Disco, it’s just the best thing we have done this year!

Check out more here: http://www.edfringe.com

The Edinburgh Festival: Fringe – Fringe Racenight

So Tuesday night we headed over to Musselburgh Racecourse for the Fringe Racenight.  It was a shame it was raining.  It was a 6 race event and was quite good fun, despite the rain. The Fringe Racenight  is billed as  an evening at the races with a difference. Alongside all the fun and excitement of horseracing, you can enjoy a host of Fringe entertainers performing at the racecourse.

This might have been how it was billed but we only saw two acts and they only performed one song/act, so it didn’t really have the festival feel, but the racing where good.

We missed the first and last race, and out of the remaining 4 won two of them.It was a nice evening out at the races, but didn’t feel like the fringe ..

Check out more here: http://www.edfringe.com


Boys and Girls, old and young, I wanted to share with you that the “Toy Shop” is back up and running now!

They stock a good range of educational books, have a new craft section for A4 paper/card and A1 paper/card for school projects etc. A new party section with balloons, banners and a helium balloon filling service.

For the Kids they have Ben 10, Pokemon, WWE, Lego, Playmobil, Puppy in my Pocket, Scalextrix, Airfix and much more….

So check it out .. the website ordering isn’t up yet, but should be soon.


180 – 182 Alexandra Avenue, South Harrow, Middlesex HA2 9BN
Tel: 020 8422 2610
Retail Shop opening hours:

Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 6pm (Except Wednesday)
Wednesday – CLOSED
Sunday 11am to 3.30pm


Exchange 2007 Sizing Cheat Sheet

Rui does it again, this is a sweet article, read it and weep!

Source: http://www.msexchange.org/articles-tutorials/exchange-server-2007/planning-architecture/exchange-2007-sizing-cheat-sheet.html

Implementing a complete Exchange 2007 solution requires not only good planning, but also a good understanding of all the technical requirements and a good knowledge of the several Exchange Server roles.

Sizing an Exchange 2007 Organization is not for the faint of the heart, although I consider it much easier than doing it for the previous versions of Exchange Server.

A correctly sized infrastructure will improve the general reliability of the system and the levels of service (meaning happy users), rationalizing the use of hardware (and money).

This article does not intend to be a deep technical dive into the sizing process, instead it will give you some rules of thumb in order to ease the process of planning the different Exchange Server 2007 roles of your messaging infrastructure.



Forefront for Exchange SP1 Rollup 3 has been released

Just found this up on the Forefront blog http://blogs.technet.com/fss/archive/2008/08/11/forefront-for-exchange-sp1-rollup-3-has-been-released.aspx


Forefront for Exchange SP1 Rollup3 has been released.  The fixes that are included with in Forefront for Exchange SP1 Rollup3 are as follows.

Prior to full publication of Forefront for Exchange SP1 Rollup3 we are making our customers aware that this release of Forefront for Exchange is now available.  Please Contact Microsoft support if you would like to install Rollup 3 for Forefront. 

Interesting that it is NOT actually released yet!

The Edinburgh Festival: Fringe – Faulty Towers the Dining Experience

Well, well, well.  We have been trying like mad to get tickets for this, so rang the venue and got two ticket. For £37 you get a three course dinner and the comedy, which leaves your sides aching with laughter.

Basically, you dine with snobbish, manic Basil; his domineering wife, Sybil; and hopelessly confused waiter, Manuel. It last two hours and is very worth while.

My only comment is the food was a bit ropey.  You get tomato soup to start with, followed by either Chicken breast and mash (that was really bad) or lamb and potatoes.  You finish with a chocolate cake thing.  Now if this is an example of the food at B’est, I won’t be returning.  Also the place has no A/C so it was really hot and uncomfortable.

Talking to the “actors” after the event, this is the first time they have been at the festival and surely no the last.  It was just such a laugh

So here are some pictures (but my Nokia phone just the worst in the world for taking picture!)

 Image082 Image083 Image084  Image087 Image088 Image089 Image090 Image091 Image092  Image094 Image095 Image096 Image097 Image098  Image100 Image101 Image102 Image103Image106Image107Image108Image109Image112Image113Image115


 Image104 Image105     Image111Image093    

And this is what they look like our of “character!

Image116 Image117 Image118

If you are the festival, you MUST come and see this!

Check out more here: http://www.edfringe.com

The Edinburgh Festival: Fringe – Alba Flamenca

So while at the Pleasance Courtyard we booked some tickets for Alba Flamenca at the Lot in Grassmarket.

Now a few years ago we ate in the restaurant below the Lot and it was not a pleasant experience and we walked out after our starter. BUT the Lot is what looks like a small church hall about the restaurant and offers a very intimate venue

So Alba Flamenca … Earthy and stripped of artifice, Alba Flamenca delivers pure passion. The stunning, mainly improvised performance gets right to the passionate soul of flamenco. Virtuoso musicians, powerful dancers and unrestrained passion combine to create the joy and tragedy of flamenco.

It was fantastic.  Cost £10 and lasted just over an hour, and we grabbed front row seats.  The dancers and musicians where awesome, you could hear every toe scrape of the dancers and the flamenco was stunning.

I would totally recommend this!

Check out more here: http://www.edfringe.com