HTC Shift: xx Cannot be Opened .. in WM6

Damm, this was anoying the hell out of today.  All I wanted to do was install realvga, but I found that if I clicked on any .cab files in WM6, I would get this:

The file ‘xx’ cannot be opened.  Ether it is not signed with a trusted certificate, ir one of its components cannot be found.  If the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring the file.

So I re-downloaded, looked at the certs and nothing.  What it turned out to be was the way WM6 was locked down on the HTC Shift.

I found this thread ( and the answer was there ..

Using a registry editor in WM6, Navigate to


change the default value (Which should be blank) to

wceload.exe “%1” /nodelete

there is a space after the .exe and before the /nodelete here.

That was it .. realvga heaven!