Exchange 2007 Server Builds

You know sometimes you need to like automate as much of an Exchange build as possible.  Well I came across this the other day.  This was a small hole that needed to be fixed in my build.

So we know that we need a few additional components for Exchange before you can install it.  I discovered the System Optional Component Manager aka sysocmgr and this allows you to add or remove windows components.

It uses an answer file that is dead easy to setup and with one command line you could install WWW, IIS Manager, IIS Common Files and COM+

So the answer file to add these components would look like this:


so we if save this as answerfile.inf.  We can then install these components by running this:

sysocmgr /i:%windir%infsysoc.inf /u:c:tempanswerfile.inft’s that simple. 

This seems a full list of the components you can install or in fact remove using the same process

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