get-hotfix.ps1 v1.5 [7 November 2008]

Okay I have updates as follows:

v1.0 27 October 2008 : A Script is born
v1.1 28 October 2008 : Add ability to expose Server Model
v1.2 31 october 2008 : Added email and commandline
v1.3 4 November 2008 : Added option to check recent changes
v1.4   6 November 2008 : Days commandline added
v1.5   7 November 2008 : Added option to check exchange cluster nodes

This script will check all Exchange 2007 servers and enumerate the Exchange Patch information and list the windows updates installed on the server

list hotfixes for all exchange servers

list hotfixes for just the names server

list hotfixes for all exchange servers and include cluster nodes and localhost. Additionally colour in red fixes that happened in the last 10 days
.Get-Hotfixes.ps1 -localhost -cluster -days 10 

For emailing to work the script requires send-mail.ps1 in the same folder

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