Quest QMM and CCR Clusters

Here is something interesting that Neil found with QMM.

When Quest sees that the target server is a CCR cluster, it creates a duplicate of the exported PST data.  Basically it will create two folders (one for each cluster node) for the transmission agent to send to the target.

It will copy the data to the passive node first, and then the active node. … Deleting any of this will result in your synch not running and eventually causing corruption in the agent config.mdb.

Quest say that the reason for this is that the cluster may failover during synch and having the multiple copies means that this will not afect your synch.

So, if you are using a CCR cluster, QMM will copy the data TWICE to your cluster and use TWICE the bandwidth to get it there!!!!!!

Looks like you should use a standalone Mailbox servers as a QMM target!