Preview BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0

Check it out .. nothing on if it still uses CDO/MAPI to talk to exchange


  • In BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0, the admin console will switch from a desktop administration client to a web-based client
  • New high-availability options allow you to configure primary and standby BlackBerry Enterprise Servers for automatic or manual failover. ** About time too ! **
  • When the BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 is running in High Availability mode, there is no single point of failure. To ensure a rapid, graceful response to problems as—or before—they occur, system health checks generate scores that are shared amongst systems, components and administrators
  • With BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0, software updates, applications, and even entirely new OS versions can be pushed to BlackBerry smartphones wirelessly

New to BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0
5 Features that Will Make Your Job Easier

BlackBerry Enterprise Transporter Tool: With the BlackBerry® Enterprise Transporter tool you can run parallel BlackBerry Enterprise Server environments, allowing you to do real-world testing in the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 environment with part of your team before making a full migration. There’s no need to wipe devices before transferring to BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0, and backing out to the pre-existing environment is easy.

Threshold Assistance Tool: The Threshold Assistance Tool resides within the BlackBerry® Monitoring Service; it uses the information gathered by your monitoring database to suggest acceptable operating thresholds for your particular server and network environment. As your company grows, you can run the tool again to set new baselines.

High Availability: Utilizing High Availability is easier than you think—three clicks and you’re done. Learn more about this feature in an upcoming edition of BlackBerry Connection.

Role-Based Admins: BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 allows for granular control of admin permissions. You can now scope a given role to a set of users the admin can take action on. For example, you can create an executive-support IT group, which would allow for only particular employees to perform administrative tasks against the execs’ accounts.

Maintenance Windows: You can now opt to suspend alerts during specific periods, for example, during server maintenance. Using this function just might end those early-morning wake-up calls that occur during scheduled server downtime.

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