E2010 Beta1: Alternate Mailbox

So the idea of this feature is to give your users a mailbox Archive and for it look like a PST, but be stored on the server.  Suppose the idea is also as storage is cheap and this is a free feature in E2010, you won’t need the likes of Enterprise Vault to house your archives.

So you can assign a Alternate Mailbox to any mailbox by using:

[PS] C:PS>New-AlternateMailbox -Mailbox Administrator -name Archive -Type Archive
Identity                  Type             RetentionPolicyE Database
——–                  —-             —————- ——–AdministratorArchive     Archive          False            945557a5-1e31-4a…

The other commands you have are:

  • Get-AlternateMailbox
    The Get-AlternateMailbox cmdlet is used to get the properties associated with an alternate mailbox.
  • New-AlternateMailbox
    Use the New-AlternateMailbox cmdlet to create a new alternate mailbox for an existing mailbox user.
  • Remove-AlternateMailbox
    Use the Remove-AlternateMailbox cmdlet to remove an alternate mailbox
  • Set-AlternateMailbox
    The Set-AlternateMailbox cmdlet is used to modify the properties of an alternate mailbox.

So you can only see the archive if you Outlook 2010 , OWA wont work with e2010 Beta


Maybe it will come, but in Beta 1 you don’t seem to be able to get “Mailbox statistics” for the alternative mailbox

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