Out Of Office text is not synchronized to Microsoft Exchange 2007 when updated from the BlackBerry smartphone

Might have missed this before, but cor bllimey a fix at last!

Source: http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/dynamickc.do?externalId=KB15155&sliceID=1&command=show&forward=nonthreadedKC&kcId=KB15155


Out of Office (OOF) text appears to stop working 20 minutes after selecting this option from a BlackBerry smartphone.


Microsoft Exchange 2007 provides the ability to set OOF text for internal and external email messages. When the internal OOF text is set in Microsoft Outlook 2007, the OOF text is synchronized and updated on the BlackBerry smartphone. When setting or updating OOF text on the BlackBerry smartphone, the internal OOF text in Microsoft Outlook 2007 is not updated.


Apply BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1.5 Maintenance Release 1 (4.1.5 MR1).

Note: Installing BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1.5 MR1 will address the issue from occurring to BlackBerry smartphone users who are setting OOF for the first time. However, if a BlackBerry smartphone user already has the described symptoms, they must disable OOF from both Microsoft Outlook and the BlackBerry smartphone, and re-enable it in a single place.


Set or update OOF text in Microsoft Outlook 2007 or Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2007.

After replacing the binaries provided as part of the fix for the OOF issue, BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators will need all Microsoft Exchange 2007 BlackBerry smartphone users to reset OOF text once.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Turn on OOF text from a BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. Save the OOF text.
  3. Exit the OOF application.
  4. Go back and turn off OOF text for the patch to perform correctly.

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