MMMUG May Event 2009 – Introducing Exchange 2010

As you will no doubt have heard, Exchange 2010 was launched to the public on the 15th of April. This of course means that there is now a huge amount of new features and functionality to learn. So, to help you get started MMMUG will be running a series of events over the next few months covering many of the key areas.

We start on Wednesday May 27th with an overview of Exchange 2010. I will introduce things by taking a look at the future of email, Microsoft Style! Then Brett Johnson will dive deeper into a few of the key new areas.

To sign up for the event see the link below:

This event will be held in London at the MSFT offices in Cardinal Place near Victoria.

This month we are going to spend the evening introducing Exchange 2010. We will start with an overview session and then dive a little deaper into some key features.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th May. Directions to the venue can be found below.

The meeting will be a mixture of PowerPoint and Discussions so there will be plenty of time to run through your questions.

The agenda for the meeting will be as follows: (although I may tweak the timings slightly)

18:15 – 18:40            Arrival
18:40 – 18:45            Introduction to speakers and the aims of the group
18:45 – 19:30            1st session; Nathan Winters, The Future of Email, Microsoft Style!
19:30 – 19:50            Food!
19:50 – 20:45            2nd session; Brett Johnson, Deep Dive into key Exchange 2010 features
20:45 – 21:00            Summing up and suggestions for future meetings.
21:00                        The End!

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