Surgery Live, 25-28 May 2009

Check it out: and you had better be quick!

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to witness world-leading surgeons perform complex, dramatic and life changing operations live.

On four consecutive nights a leading surgeon will operate in a UK hospital. From the comfort of Wellcome Collection you will be able to watch the surgery in close detail, ask questions of the team and find out more about the science and medicine behind the operation. The surgery will be streamed live to Wellcome Collection and broadcast on Channel 4, so you will be part of the TV studio audience too.

Monday 25 May, 21.30-23.30 – ‘Open Heart Surgery’ : Join leading heart surgeon Mr Francis Wells and his team as they perform the complex repair of a heart valve at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge.

Tuesday 26 May, 21.30-23.30 – ‘Awake Brain Surgery’: Join Mr Paul Grundy of the Wessex Neurological Centre at Southampton University Hospitals as he removes a brain tumour from a patient who is awake.

Wednesday 27 May, 22.00-00.00 – ‘Keyhole Stomach Repair’: Join Mr Richard Hardwick from Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge as he performs keyhole surgery to repair a hiatus hernia (where a small section of the stomach has pushed up through the opening of the diaphragm).

Thursday 28 May, 22.00-00.00 – ‘Pituitary Tumour Removal’: Join Mr Nick Thomas from King’s College Hospital in London for the removal of a tumour from the pituitary gland, which is right in the centre of the skull.