Details of Exchange 2007 SP2 in-box backup when running on Windows Server 2008

Sweet, about time too, but?!check out this too its a better way, but will not work on CCR clusters

. . .As we mentioned in our Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 available in Q3 2009 – we are going to ship the backup plug-in with Exchange 2007 SP2. We wanted to share some additional details around what we are shipping:

The backup integration will enable Windows Server Backup to backup Exchange data. Note that there is no specific “Exchange only” granularity when you are backing things up. In other words, the backup is volume-based. If Exchange data is on C: drive, backing up the C: drive will also give you an Exchange-aware backup of Storage Groups located on that drive (and purge the transaction logs from all backed up Storage Groups if backup completed successfully)

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