Microsoft Exchange Server – Training Portal

Funky baby, check out this stuff, training for Exchange 2007 and 2010!

…  Take advantage of new Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 training resources and become an expert on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. Exchange Server 2010 is the first server in a new generation of Microsoft server technology that is built from the ground up to work on-premises and as an online service. It helps you simplify administration, protect communications, and meet user demand for greater business mobility

The new suite of Exchange Server 2010 training resources is designed to differentiate technology skills and job-role skills clearly, cover skills relevant to today’s real-world IT functions, and streamline certification with simplified, specific learning roadmaps.

Hands on Lab: What’s new in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
This lab provides an opportunity for experienced Exchange administrators to configure and validate some of the new features in Exchange Server 2010. It also provides a brief exposure to some of the most important new features and new administration tools in Exchange Server 2010.

First Look: What’s New in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
This clinic describes some of the significant enhancements provided in Exchange Server 2010. It provides an overall description of the most important design priorities for Exchange 2010, additional details on the enhancements that the users and administrators will experience. This clinic also provides an overview of the process for upgrading from previous versions of Exchange Server to Exchange Server 2010.

High Availability and Storage in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
For most organizations, flexible and cost-effective communication tools are important factors for meeting goals such as high availability and enhanced database recovery. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 helps organizations achieve these goals with a simplified, unified framework that helps them lower their costs and enhance business productivity. This Learning Snack explains how mailbox availability is achieved in Exchange server 2010 and how the new and improved database recovery and storage features

Clinic 6901: Exchange Server 2010 in an Enterprise
This one-hour clinic describes Exchange Server 2010 features that are useful in an enterprise. It covers features such mailbox server configurations, unified messaging, and high availability.

Clinic 6900: Introduction to Exchange Server 2010
This one-hour clinic describes Exchange Server 2010 features, deployment scenarios, and development platform options. It also contains descriptions of tools used for managing Exchange Server 2010.

Collection 6899: Exploring Features of Exchange Server 2010
This two-hour collection provides you with an overview of the new features in Exchange Server 2010. It also describes the enhancements made over Exchange Server 2007