Get-MsxServerPLUS.ps1 v1.24

It’s been a while, but I have updated Get-MsxServerPLUS.ps1 aka Get-ExchangeServerPLUS.ps1.  I changed the name as it was annoying me as it was conflicting with get-exchangeserver.  Other updates are:

  • v1.20 10 November 2008    : Changed the script name so it is different from the standard exchange commands. Added Event logging. PSEXEC to capture NetStat data
  • v1.21 11 November 2008    : Option to split out XML files. Removed Exchange 2003 stuff
  • v1.22 14 November 2008    : Changed the way the server  list is Created
  • v1.23 18 November 2008    : Added exporting of OWA virtual directories to seperate XML files
  • v1.24  7 July 2008    : Few minor updates

If you want to run netstat remotely you need to download PSEXEC and put it in the same folder as the script.

Command Line Options are:

No Commandline .. Runs for all servers
…. Runs for just the server
-LOCALHOST …… Runs for just the local server
-NOGLOBAL ……. Does not capture the global settings
-ONEXML ……… Creates only ONE xml file
                  -Default is to split out for each server and
                   global config
-CLUSTER …….. Autoenumerate Exchange Cluster nodes and add to
                  the Server list
-EMAIL ………. Uses send-mail.ps1 to send email to the list
                   of users in “_emailAlertList.txt”

So, enjoy and give me feedback on how it works!

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