Microsoft Proposal to European Commission

So this is quite funny, in Europe we will get a version of Windows 7 that has no web browser!  Question, how do you get firefox if this ur only PC?  The only way I can see is, you use Windows Update, that will give you IE8, then you download firefox and remove IE8.!  What a farse!

So check this, it does make sense.

REDMOND, Wash. – July 24, 2009 – As the European Commission has just announced in a statement, Microsoft has made a new proposal in an effort to address competition law issues related to Internet Explorer and interoperability.

Under our new proposal, among other things, European consumers who buy a new Windows PC with Internet Explorer set as their default browser would be shown a ‘ballot screen’ from which they could, if they wished, easily install competing browsers from the Web. If this proposal is ultimately accepted, Microsoft will ship Windows in Europe with the full functionality available in the rest of the world. As requested by the Commission, we will be publishing our proposal in full here on our website as soon as possible.

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