More on Exchange 2007 SP2

Okay been trawling the web and found these:

Interesting things from the Release Notes:

  • You must prepare Active Directory and each domain before you perform the first installation of Exchange 2007 SP2 in an organization.
  • The original release (RTM) version of Forefront Security for Exchange Server is incompatible with Exchange 2007 SP2
  • Windows Installer version 4.5 is required to install Exchange 2007 SP2
  • You can perform a clean installation of Exchange 2007 SP2
  • To Upgrade run: /mode:upgrade
  • You cannot uninstall Exchange 2007 SP2
  • The Exchange 2007 Setup program requires all installation source files to be stored on a local resource. A local file source is required because Exchange 2007 Setup is a Microsoft .NET Framework application
  • PowerShell Version 2 is supported on all Exchange 2007 SP2 server roles. PSv2 is the preferred solution for PowerShell on Windows Server 2008 servers and servers.

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