Notes from the MMMUG 6th November 2009

so a special pre-TechEd event with two members of the products groups from Redmond enroute to present in Berlin.

Astrid McClean is a Senior Technical Product Manager in the Exchange group Astrid went through a presentation on the management, new administration capabilities and self service features of Exchange Server 2010

  • RBAC
    • Who
      • Role based security group
    • What
      • Cmdlet and all it’s parameters
    • Where
      • Scope
        • OU or set of filters
        • Exclusive Scope
    • Done make it complex
    • Use groups and don’t assign to users
    • Good idea to clone the default policy, just “in case” a a service pack comes along an wipes any changed .. not that it would happen of course ;-)
    • Role membership is not a right to delegate
      • Delegation is controlled through RoleGroup ownership.
        • Ownership does not grant access to the RoleGroup
    • Astrid also showed is a cmdlet that used –assignmentchain, but I cant for the life of me remember what is was .. will check out and get back 2 ya

Launch of Exchange Server 2010 on Monday (9th November 2010)

Difference between Exchange Server 2010 Standard and Enterprise editions is that with Enterprise can have up to 100 databases.

Yancey Smith who is a Director of Product Management within the OCS Group and gave and overview of OCS 2007 R2.  Face Time also pitched up with some freebies

  • Unified Inbox (Exchange) and Presence (OCS)
  • Internally @ Microsoft
    • 126k active users
    • usage for Sept 2009
      • 76m messages sent
      • 129 sessions per user
      • >700k calls p2p audio
    • Regulated group chat is a low light
    • Group chat QFE is all that will be done until Wave 15
    • Unified Conferencing
      • 23k OCS Web conference users
      • Usage for Sept 2009
        • 107k meetings – ocs/lcs
        • 124k app shares
      • 33 unique audio organisers
      • Usage for Sept 2009
        • 62k Audio Conferencing meeting
        • 7.9m minutes
    • Enterprise Voice
      • 61k users
      • 39 sites enabled
        • Usage
          • 5m calls/month
          • 33m minutes usage
          • 46% softphone usage
            • Finding number this low
            • More User education
  • check out on tech net
    • Deployment planning tool
    • Capacity planning tool
    • Pre-Call Diagnostic tool
    • Testing tools
    • Adoption Kit is available online
    • Quick Reference Guides
    • Platform Opportunity
      • unified and extensible platform
      • Automated BOTs
      • Workflow notifications
      • Check out MSDN for solutions
  • The Future

Following a break we had start a closed-doors non-disclosure agreement session where we shared with Yancey our views and frustrations with OCS .. This was a very interesting session and you should have been there

oh, By the way, My Name is Paul and the Exchange 2010 DAG was MY idea ;-)

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