The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft #Exchange 2010

#Exchange2010 .. Planning on deploying Exchange 2010? .. You have got to check this out:

Some highlights are:

  • “Lorimer” is Forresters made up company
  • the ROI for our composite company, computed from hard benefits, is 48% with a breakeven point (payback period) of less than six months after deployment.
  • Exchange 2010 does not require Exchange Server Enterprise Edition for email resiliency. Therefore Lorimer is able to replace their Exchange Server Enterprise Edition licenses with Exchange Server Standard Edition. The cost for this is $411 per server annually for each of the three years.
  • The Helpdesk training cost on pg 15 seem a bit low to me?
  • “We found over three years that we would save $5.1 million, mostly by avoiding the cost of third-party archiving and compliance, but also . . . from storage savings.”
  • Based on Forrester’s conservative estimate, Lorimer should save approximately $64,100 annually on storage costs.
  • Using standard industry defaults, Forrester believes Lorimer to save approximately $45,000 annually from retiring traditional PBX voicemail systems from each of its three office locations.