Is Jetstress a vaild test for #Exchange 2010 storage?


So been testing storage with Jetstress 2010 Beta and I am not 100% sure its a really valid test?

So I have tested a Clariion and had mixed results with most of the test failing with over 20ms average read latency, but the IOPs are between 4,000 and 6,000!

Now i have just finished a test using an MDS600 configure with JBOD and a 13 disk raid 5 set and that fails too!  In the JBOD configuration I am getting an average IO of 561.5 for the 5 disks and 484.7 for the 13 disk RAID 5.

So if I use these numbers:

  Random Sequence disk
2,5″ 5.400 rpm SATA 70 80 80
3,5″ 7.200 rpm SATA 65 75 75

… the MDS600 using 1TB SATA drives is performing okay if not better than expected,but I running jetstress with the MDS600 and it failing with 20 threads I wonder if:

  1. Jetstress if the test I should be using to benchmark the storage
  2. I am not using the parameters for JetStress
  3. if the MDS JBOD is the way to go?

Anyone got any view or ideas or thoughts?

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