British Airways

So here I am on a rescheduled flight from Houston to London.  I was supposed to flight Friday Night at 8PM local time, but because of the threat of a strike, my flight was cancelled .. only for the strike to be put on hold and an attempt to resume normal service.

So, now on my way home, I am fortunate enough for the company I am working to provide me with a Business Class Seat (which really isn’t cheap at all).  Now in comparison to my outbound flight the week before they have cut back on the cabin service and have no duty free.

Now I know your thinking poncy twat he is lucky to be in coffin class, and I agree, but BA today on this plane are NOT on strike, what the hell is stopping them from providing the service they should .. if you pay more than a couple of grand a ticket you expect value for money.  I can kind of understand the issue the cabin crew have, but come on guys, in the work most of you paying customers do, they would be marched out the door and just have to deal with it.  From what I understand (and I could be very wrong), BA cabin crew have some of the best benefits in the industry … and your bitching about loosing some ..:-|

If you look at the big picture, you strike, the paying public go, phuck that I’m not flying BA, so go somewhere else.  Then less people fly BA due to the “threat” of strikes, BA reduces the number of flight as it has less passengers and bingo, job cuts.

Going on strike might seem like a good idea to get a point forward, but your only shooting yourselves and pissing off the paying public, who have plenty of choice to fly with someone else.

As the flight goes on, the crew are doing the best they can, but in a strange way, it is their fault in the first place, so should I feel sorry? or pissed off?

Sorry about that but its pissing me off

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