Unified Messaging Troubleshooting Tool

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So Ari send me a link to this: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=10d2e48f-0846-40b6-b08f-d282309811a2

The Exchange 2010 UM Troubleshooting Tool is used to diagnose configuration errors specific to call answering scenarios and to test whether voice mail is functioning correctly in Exchange 2010 SP1 Unified Messaging deployments

But, erm I cant get it to work .. The help examples seem to be is wrong too as SIPClient isn’t a valid –Mode and –OCSFEAddress doesnt exist either .. Will keep trying and report back once I can work out the syntax …

Anyone got any bright ideas?

#Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Beta Links


So I have been digging around, and here is a round of the links etc, that I have found so far


Thanks to Mike for these:

#MMMUG: 18th August 2010 – #Exchange backup and recovery


The subject of this meeting is Exchange backup and recovery and we have Microsoft’s Anthony Tyler talking about System Centre Data Protection Manager’s take on backing up exchange and Kroll Ontrack’s offering for recovery.

Kroll Ontrack is now celebrating its 25th Anniversary as a global leader in the provision of data management solutions, specialising in data recovery, restoration, erasure and investigative products and services (www.krollontrack.co.uk).

Ontrack PowerControls software for Microsoft Exchange empowers users to search, recover, extract, restore and migrate Microsoft Exchange data (www.ontrackpowercontrols.co.uk).

Faced with increasing hardware and administration costs together with tighter budgets, organisations are seeking more cost-effective and efficient solutions to manage ad-hoc and routine Microsoft Exchange data requests. The core functionality of Ontrack PowerControls enables System Administrators to search, recover and restore entire .edb, .pst files and granular level items, whilst retaining data integrity.

Kroll Ontrack is pleased to be demonstrating the core functionality, features and application of this invaluable Microsoft Exchange administration tool.


18:00pm – 18:30pm Arrival
18:30pm – 19:30pm Ontrack PowerControls

Company & Product overview
Single item restore / recovery
Intuitive searching
Additional functionality
Existing customers
Live demo
Extraction of Microsoft Exchange data from backup
Browsing single / multiple .edb & .pst files, to single item level
Searching across multiple .edb’s
Compliance, investigations and legal requirements
Restoration of data
Hands-on demo
Q & A

19:30pm – 20:00pm Refreshments
20:00pm – 20:45pm Microsoft DPM

Why build DPM?
Introducing DPM
Demo – Protecting Data
How Does DPM work?
Demo – Rapid & Reliable Recovery
Protected Platforms

20:45pm – 21:00pm Discussions & Questions on Exchange backup / recovery.

Location: Kroll Ontrack Limited, Tower Place East, London EC3R 5BS, United Kingdom

BES 5.0 SP2: Blackberry User #Exchange 2010 IOPS now equal to an Outlook Client


Interesting, from WES 2010 session ‘WA25: Best Practices in Deploying Microsoft® Exchange for BlackBerry’ jointly presented by RIM and Microsoft Jeff Mealiffe (Sr. Development Lead, Scalability & Capacity Planning) it says:


  • Database IOPS per user is equivalent to a Microsoft® Outlook® client, not 5x and not 3x
  • Our past data represented the worst case scenario
    • Workload assumes both BlackBerry and Microsoft Outlook clients active
    • 100% BlackBerry enabled users
    • High density of BlackBerry users on a single storage group
  • Our focus in the past has also been on providing a single impact number
    • Database I/O more expensive and needs to be our focus (random I/O)
    • ransaction log I/O gets optimized well by disk infrastructure (increase is not as relevant – sequential I/O)


  • Dual clients per user active (Outlook and BlackBerry )
    • DB IOPS increase by 1.85x for BlackBerry enabled users only
    • DB IOPS increase by 1.7x for BlackBerry enabled users only (5.0.2
    • DB IOPS with optimization equivalent to an outlook client
  • Truly mobile users (only BlackBerry client)
    • DB IOPS equivalent to an Outlook client


BES 5.0 SP2 DB IOPS increase by only 1.7x with Exchange 2010 compared with 2.16x on Exchange 2007 with BES 5.01

Mail server role

  • Mail server CPU recommendation is about 1.4 -1.5x MCycles/mailbox recommended by Microsoft
  • Memory, same as what is recommended by MS for outlook users/clients

CAS Server role

  • CPU core recommendation is inline with 4:3 ratio recommend by Microsoft for CAS:Mail server
  • NSPI connection count needs to be increased to 1 per BlackBerry smart phone – default is 50 (too low)
  • Throttling needs to be disabled for the service account used for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server


Check out some of the other stuff from WES here: www.attendwes.com/virtualwes

Best Practices Analyzer Tool for Forefront Unified Access Gateway is here!



… We are happy to announce the availability of the first version of the Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) Tool for the Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG). You are welcome to download it to try it out. The purpose of UAG BPA is to help UAG administrators to verify proper configuration, and to troubleshoot UAG-related issues.

#Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Beta


This is a a cool new switch in setup:


Specifying this parameter will install Windows Server roles and features required for Exchange Server.

Not tried it yet

vSphere 4.1 is released

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Joe tweeted this link (http://twitter.com/joewells/status/18435437921) and I wanted to share it further:


As well as this: http://vmwaretraining.blogspot.com/2010/07/changes-to-vcp-exam-due-to-vsphere-41.html