BES 5.0 SP2: Blackberry User #Exchange 2010 IOPS now equal to an Outlook Client


Interesting, from WES 2010 session ‘WA25: Best Practices in Deploying Microsoft® Exchange for BlackBerry’ jointly presented by RIM and Microsoft Jeff Mealiffe (Sr. Development Lead, Scalability & Capacity Planning) it says:


  • Database IOPS per user is equivalent to a Microsoft® Outlook® client, not 5x and not 3x
  • Our past data represented the worst case scenario
    • Workload assumes both BlackBerry and Microsoft Outlook clients active
    • 100% BlackBerry enabled users
    • High density of BlackBerry users on a single storage group
  • Our focus in the past has also been on providing a single impact number
    • Database I/O more expensive and needs to be our focus (random I/O)
    • ransaction log I/O gets optimized well by disk infrastructure (increase is not as relevant – sequential I/O)


  • Dual clients per user active (Outlook and BlackBerry )
    • DB IOPS increase by 1.85x for BlackBerry enabled users only
    • DB IOPS increase by 1.7x for BlackBerry enabled users only (5.0.2
    • DB IOPS with optimization equivalent to an outlook client
  • Truly mobile users (only BlackBerry client)
    • DB IOPS equivalent to an Outlook client


BES 5.0 SP2 DB IOPS increase by only 1.7x with Exchange 2010 compared with 2.16x on Exchange 2007 with BES 5.01

Mail server role

  • Mail server CPU recommendation is about 1.4 -1.5x MCycles/mailbox recommended by Microsoft
  • Memory, same as what is recommended by MS for outlook users/clients

CAS Server role

  • CPU core recommendation is inline with 4:3 ratio recommend by Microsoft for CAS:Mail server
  • NSPI connection count needs to be increased to 1 per BlackBerry smart phone – default is 50 (too low)
  • Throttling needs to be disabled for the service account used for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server


Check out some of the other stuff from WES here:

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