Apps from last week

I just wanted to share with the 4 app I downloaded last for my iPhone and iPad.

First off for my iPhone was Waze (  It’s a basically Free SatNav, but what is great is that it uses Crowdsourcing for travel information.

Next is VoucherCloud (  The guy in my local corner shop showed me this.  As it suggests you get discount vouchers on you iPhone.  It works really well.

I downloaded this on my iPhone but it’s better on the iPad.  For the plane spotter in me, its Flight Radar (  Its bloody amazing now many planes are in the air at one time, and this app and website lets you trackem.

and finally the programmer in me found iPowershell from the boys at Sapien (  It basically contains full descriptions of each and every core PowerShell Version 1 cmdlet, their syntax, parameters and examples of proper usage. Its a very cool reference app and it’s FREE

Lets see what Apps this week brings…

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