Headhunter by Ashley Gardiner .. Part 2

So for the odd person that read my blog (and I know who you are) if you have a kindle or a kindle app, and work in the IT Industry you have to read this book.

I Blogged earlier about his .. Carpe Diem- Flaphead.com – Headhunter by Ashley Gardiner

My wife is giving me so much grief, as I just cant put my iPad down, this book has me gripped.

I don’t know who Ashley Gardiner (but if you google “Ashley Gardiner” I’m the second hit :-) and the first hit is for an WAirport Administrator at Pret A Manger”, whereas the if you google “Ashley Gardiner head hunter” you get me ;-) first and then amazon) .. but this book just rocks .. I even feel like cheating and going to the last chapter to see what happens, but I know that is wrong ;-)

Why isn’t this book in paper back? I have to keep charging my iPad to read it :-|

Will let you know how it ends … maybe :-D

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