#Exchange Server 2010 SP1 RU1 Fresh Install


Just been playing in my lab with a fresh Exchange Server 2010 SP1 RU1 install.

The Exchange Management Shell is kewl, but the Management Console is coming up with:

The following error occurred when retrieving user information for ‘MSXTESTDOMAdministrator’:

The operation couldn’t be performed because object ‘-1-5-21-2306839153-2390130889-3467399016-500’ couldn’t be found on ‘MSX-DC01.MsxTestDom.local’.  It was running the command ‘Get-LogonUser’.

and this in the MSExchange Management event log:

Log Name:      MSExchange Management
Source:        MSExchange CmdletLogs
Date:          10/17/2010 3:56:04 PM
Event ID:      6
Task Category: General
Level:         Error
Computer:      MSX-MR01.MsxTestDom.local
Cmdlet failed. Cmdlet Get-User, parameters {Identity=S-1-5-21-2306839153-2390130889-3467399016-500}.

So it would appear that my two servers share the same SID (using PsGetsid from Sysinternals).  So I found an old copy of NewSid 4.1, stopped all Exchange and IIS servers, then ran it.

Wam, bam, no thank you mam.  BSOD!

Looks like the proper way is from “Little Ghost” who commented on this article:http://msexchangeteam.com/archive/2010/09/01/456094.aspx

Little Ghost said:

I think now it’s official: The EMC-Error is caused by duplicated SIDs… :(
The way I recovered my Exchange-VM:

  • Shutdown Exchange-Services
  • Copy the entire Database-Folder to a temporary location (or use the virtual data-disk for the new VM)
  • Shutdown Exchange-VM
  • Install new VM or import a template and change the SID with sysprep (!!)
  • Remove old server account from AD
  • Rename the new VM with the old name and join the domain
  • Add the server account to the AD-group “Microsoft Exchange System Objects/Exchange Install Domain Servers” (to avoid MSEXCHANGEADTOPOLOGY-server startup error)
  • ** Additional ** install all the Exchange 2010 SP1 updates if you haven’t already
  • Copy the Exchange-database to the same driver/folder
  • Run “Setup /m:RecoverServer /InstallWindowsComponents” from Exchange 2010 SP1 Folder

September 16, 2010 1:38 AM

This works sweeet but take a bl00dy long time, would have been quicker to install fresh from the Windows DVD!