#Exchange Forward Inbox Rules

#Exchange2010 #Powershell

So we found out the other day that some has changed the default rule to allow auto forwarding out to the internet .. tut, tut.

Knocked this with up with the Exchange Server 2010 Management Shell.  Not the cleanest bit of code, but does what I need.  Need to work on removing the blanks, but hey, it took 2mins to do! .. you gotta love Powershell! .. gonna take a while for 18,000 mailboxes Disappointed smile

$rulez = @()
$mbxes = Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited
ForEach($mbx in $mbxes){
  $xMailbox = $mbx.Name
  Write-Host $xMailbox
  $xInR = Get-InboxRule -Mailbox $xMailbox | where {$_.ForwardTo -ne $Null} | Select @{Expression={$_.MailboxOwnerId.name};label=”Mailbox”}, Name, RuleIdentify, Enabled, ForwardTo

  $xInR | ForEach {
    $xInRules = “” | Select Mailbox, Name, RuleIdentify, Enabled, ForwardTo
    $xInRules.Mailbox      = $_.Mailbox
    $xInRules.Name         = $_.Name
    $xInRules.RuleIdentify = $_.RuleIdentify
    $xInRules.Enabled      = $_.Enabled
    $xInRules.ForwardTo    = $_.ForwardTo
    $rulez += $xInRules


#BlackBerry Administration Services continually stops and restarts..

#Exchange #Exchange2010

BlackBerry Administration Services continually stops and restarts, after an operating system hotfix is applied

This is a good one! basically uninstall:

  • Hotfix for MS10-021 related to Microsoft KB979683
  • Hotfix for MS10-047 related to Microsoft KB981852

How to increase the number of allowed address book connection requests in #Exchange 2010

#Exchange2010 #BlackBerry


Yeah, yeah before you start I know there are a million blog entries out there saying this but, they don’t really.  With Exchange Server 2010 MaxSessionsPerUser doesn’t exist in microsoft.exchange.addressbook.service.exe.config

This KB clarifies this .. the important bit is “must be added manually”

Note: Under Microsoft Exchange 2010, SP1, this value is no longer included in the microsoft.exchange.addressbook.service.exe.config file. The MaxSessionsPerUser (i.e. MaxSessionsPerUser=100000) value must be manually added to the file and set to the desired number of connections.

Intermittent mail delivery issues are experienced on #BlackBerry smartphones

#Exchange #Exchange2010 .. stumbled on this.  We are using F5 LTM’s to front our Cas Arrays .. the workaround is really rubbish!

Intermittent mail delivery issues are experienced on BlackBerry smartphones when Microsoft Exchange is configured behind a load balancing appliance


Users receive a red X when sending new email or replying to emails from their BlackBerry smartphones in what appears to be a random pattern. If an affected user sends the message again, it is delivered.

In environments that incorporate hardware or software load balancing appliances, such as Big-IP, Barracuda, or F5, issues can be encountered in which sporadic error messages regarding reaching users’ mailboxes or performing basic communication functions appear in both Windows Event Viewer and the BlackBerry Messaging Agent (MAGT) debug logs. These error messages are typically repetitive and occur approximately every 5 to 7 minutes once the initial issue is encountered.

… Workaround .. Bypass the hardware load balancer with a hosts file entry so that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server may communicate directly with a single Client Access Server.