#Lync Ignite

So, just finished the 5 day Lync Ignite at Global Knowledge, and it was okay.  The labs are really good (when they work) and the courseware is okay (a lots of sales stuff and not updated for RTM!)

So here are some of the links and ramblings I made … enjoy



  • Private line – can only receive calls .. Can’t make them.
  • Bandwidth 1 hd session = t1
  • MMC gone, now silverlight. No right click!
  • Lync Standard Edition – all roles and SQL on same server.
  • James O’Neil OCS powershell module!
  • RBAC used for permissions
  • Call park to park Lync calls
  • Potentially 50% reduction in severs when you virtualise
  • CMS = SQL
  • Lync will have NO service packs?!
  • Test call option in the lync client
  • LIS used for location services
  • Zero Day is a new book by Mark Russinovich
  • DNS LB: Client gets all the dns addresses and works out which on to use.
  • SBA: cheaper than having a separate lync server


  • Powershell is a Microsoft task automation platform
  • Powershell v3 is coming

Import-module lync
(get-help *-cs*).count
Out-host –paging
Import-module ActiveDirectory


  • Install-CSAdServerSchema
  • Enable-CSAdForest
  • Enable-CSAdDomain

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