Blog Recovery


So you may (or may not) remember my story back in December [What the hell happened to you blog maan?] where my Hyper-V host corrupted a disk and so bricked my community server blog.

.. and this Word Press Blog came out of the ashes.

But I managed to get community server to kinda work and wanted to back it up and restore it.

I have been on the hunt for a tool for ages, even looking at PowerShell code to do it,  but over the weekend I discovered WebStory (  Essentially it is a blog editor with one rather handy feature .. it can back you blog up.

It appears to install some kind of database locally (a .CSND?), and then you point it at your blog and you can back it up locally.  How funky is that.  Then, in my case I told it about this blog, and now I can restore from my old and post to my new blog with a few clicks!

It works really well and is a life saver.  It’s a shame it doesn’t have a “restore” blog button, or be able to restore a post with the original post date (you have to manually change it), but it does what it says on the tin.

So far I love it, the actual editor tool is nice too, but i need to get my head around the “credits”.  Not really sure what they are about, but they enforce limits on how many post you do per day, which isn’t great.  I know you need to make money out of an App, but I would rather pay for the App than pay for usage.!

Any ways check it, it rocks if you want to backup your blog, and has potential for full restoration (lets hope the developers read this Winking smile)