Don’t Ask!

#VirginMedia So been away for a week and noticed last Sunday that I could not connect to this site or RDP home.

Get home last night to discover that my Virgin Media SuperHub isn’t so super.  It was dead!!  Checked out the power supply and found a similar one and yeah baby it came back up!

Get this, it has done a factory reset?! WTF don’t know what is going on .. Me thinks virgin has performed an upgrade (like it does) and toasted the SuperHub! .. The reset also cleared all my port rules and defaulted back to 192.168.0.x instead of .1.x.

Couldn’t for the life of me workout how to change it, so been re-iping all my VM’s and getting this blog back to land of the living! .. which is another thing.  For some reason I lost all my posts since January?  Not got a clue why or what the hell is going on, but let see how things go!

Should get my replacement SuperHub on Tuesday so I get the power supply back for a wireless access point I have .. Hay-Ho

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