Enough is enough


So I have been blogging for a while.  I started off using CommunityServer and then in the last year or so upgraded to WordPress.

My blog is hosted at home using Windows 2008 R2 on Hyper-V.  At home I use Virgin Media for my Broadband, and as I get a dynamic DNS, I use dns2go to public this blog.

It has happened a few time recently, where my home broadband just stops working, be it a router issue or outside network.  This is a royal pain the butt!

So, this week I signed up with WordPress, and paid for a business subscription.  I have move my data across (which was really time, wordpress to wordpress) and now have http://blog.flaphead.com alive and kicking on hosted wordpress.

So far so good, I have a new layout and I hope you like it.  Now in theory RSS should still work fine and I plan to move http://blog.flaphead.dns2go.com to wordpress over the weekend.

So if you experience any issues, surf to http://blog.flaphead.com  and re-add.

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