Exchange 2010 Services


So I have had some fun today with SP3, and it barfing to install a number times blah, blah, blah.

Eventually it kinda install, but bitches about:

Mailbox Server Role                                       FAILED
The following error was generated when “$error.Clear();
if ($exsSid -eq $null -or $exsSid -eq “”)
$exsSid = get-ExchangeServerGroupSID -DomainController $RoleDomainController
start-setupservice -ServiceName MSExchangeADTopology -ServiceParameters $exsSid,$RoleDomainController
” was run: “Service ‘MSExchangeADTopology’ is disabled on this server.”.

So this is because setup is clever :-| and changes the service state as it goes.  For some reason it can’t -or- doesn’t want to reset the services to its normal state.  So I knocked this up.  Basically a hash table of the services and startup type, then sets them

$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeADTopology”           = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“ADAM_MSExchange”                = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeAB”                   = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeAntispamUpdate”       = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeEdgeCredential”       = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeEdgeSync”             = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeFDS”                  = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeFBA”                  = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeIMAP4”                = “Manual”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeIS”                   = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeMailSubmission”       = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeMailboxAssistants”    = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeMailboxReplication”   = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeMonitoring”           = “Manual”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangePOP3”                 = “Manual”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeProtectedServiceHost” = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeRepl”                 = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeRPC”                  = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeSearch”               = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“WSBExchange”                    = “Manual”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeServiceHost”          = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSSpeechService”                = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeSA”                   = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeThrottling”           = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeTransport”            = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeTransportLogSearch”   = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“MSExchangeUM”                   = “Automatic”}
$ExchServices += @{“msftesql-Exchange”              = “Manual”}
$services = Get-Service mse*

ForEach($service in $services){
$ServiceName = $Service.Name
$StartupType = $ExchServices.$ServiceName
Write-Host $ServiceName
Write-Host $StartupType
Set-Service $ServiceName -StartupType $StartupType

Exchange 2010 OWA


Everyday is a school day.  Learnt today that if you have say Exchange 2010 SP3 in your internet facing site, and SP2 with Update 7 in your none internet facing site, External OWA may not work!

Reason being is that your SP3 servers, need to have the OWA files from SP2 Update 7 in my case in the <drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\v14\ClientAccess\Owa folder.  So in my case it has subfolders for 14.2.347.0; and

Otherwise external OWA to the non internet facing site fails!

This only applies if you the server in the internet facing site is kinda new and not had the upgrades of the previous servers.

Hope this helps!