#Powershell Check if Running

So I have a number of scripts that run as scheduled tasks.  The issue is that some scripts take longer to run and at times I have multiple copies of the same script running.  I wanted to stop this.  So I knocked up this.  Essentially it checks to see if the script that has started is already running, and then it kills the old process, and the script continues.

#AppName is the name of the script
$AppName = "Get-PerformanceInfo.ps1"

Write-Host "Checking if script is already running"
#Get the PID of this script
$myPID = ([System.Diagnostics.Process]::GetCurrentProcess()).id
Write-Host $myPID

#Who is the user running the script
$cu = ([System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent()).Name.split("\")[-1];

#Check to see if the script is already running
$xRunning=get-wmiobject win32_process|where{$_.name -eq "powershell.exe"}|select name,processid,commandline,@{n="owner"; e={$_.getowner().user}} | where {($_.owner -eq $cu) -AND ($_.commandline -like "*$AppName*")  -AND ($_.processid -ne $myPID)};

#If it's running kill it 
IF(-NOT [string]::IsNullOrEmpty($xRunning)){Write-Host "Running! Terminating!";$xRunning | FL; $xRunning | forEach{$xpid = $_.processid; $xpid;Stop-Process -id $xpid -force -confirm:$false}}ELSE{Write-Host "Not Running!"}

Powershell Flip-Array Function

You know when you get some output from say Get-ExchangeServer that has load of values and when you output it to HTML it goes off the page and looks pants?  I do quite a bit of this, and thought, can I flip the array, so around.  Yeah baby you can! So here you go.  This v2 with some bugs ironed out.  Enjoy

function Flip-Array([Array]$Array, [String]$key){
  $matrix =@()
  $KeyValue = @()
  $Array | ForEach{$KeyValue += $_.$key}
  $cols = @(); $cols += "Property" ; $cols += $keyValue
  $rows = @(); $array | Get-Member | Where {($_.MemberType -like "*Property") -AND ($_.Name -ne $key)} | ForEach{$Rows += $_.Name}
  $Rows = $Rows | sort unique
  $rows | ForEach{
    $tmpMatrix = "" | Select $cols
    $tmpMatrix.Property = $_
    $Matrix += $tmpMatrix

  ForEach($item in $Array){
    $ItemKey = $item.$key
    ForEach($Row in $Rows){
      $itemvalue = $Item.$Row
      if($itemvalue.GetType.Name -like "MultiValued*"){$itemvalue = $Item.$Row -Join "!#!"}
      ($Matrix | Where {$_.Property -eq $row}).$ItemKey = $itemvalue 
  $matrix = $matrix | sort property -Unique
Return $Matrix

$e = get-exchangeserver
$h = Flip-Array $e Name | ConvertTo-Html
$h | out-file .\exchange.html