#Lenovo Helix

Its been a while since my original post [June 2013], and I wanted to update you on how my Helix and I was getting along.

Let me start by saying I had hoped it would be “the” laptop for me, but it’s not.  Its lacking two key things for me that would make a lot of difference and make it awesome.

The two things it is missing are a microsd slot and an accessible USB port!

Why you say? So I am working on a powerpoint off a USB.  I have to go to a meeting, but its one of those where you know your not going to have to do much, so you just want to take the tablet and leave the dock at you desk.  Have you seen the issue yet?  My USB stick is plugged in to the keyboard dock, so I have save and close powerpoint, eject the USB, remove the tablet from the dock and then reinsert in the USB stick in the bottom of the tablet!  It would be sooooooooooo much better there was a USB port was on the side of the tablet!

Next is the microsd.  I typically was TV on the way to work in the morning.  I currently use a Microsoft Surface RT to do just that.  With the USB ports in the bottom of the Helix tablet it’s a pain in the butt to balance the tablet on your lap with a USB sticking out the bottom.  The Helix has a full size SIM slot in the bottom as well as two stupid label trays.  Why not make the sim slot a mini or micro sim and have a tray that can take a microsd, in similar way to the Nokia tablet?

.. and finally, the Pen.  You can ink with the bad boy, but unlike my two previous tablets, the pen doesn’t have an eraser!  Huh? Aye, on the Tosh you write with one end and then turn it around and erase with the other! Cool, but not with the Helix!

Anyway, rant off.  I use my Helix every day and it does what I need, but could do better! A few simple things could make the Helix 2 even better.