#Powershell and Get-ExchangeServer


Now that is cool.  Been playing with the cmdlet Get-ExchangeServer.  I wanted to get a group of different server names in one go, without having the run the cmdlet multiple times.

So I thought I would try and chuck an array at Get-ExchangeServer and see what it does?  It only bloody works ;-)

$s +="MyServers*"
$s += "Exch*"
$s | Get-ExchangeServer

Neat trick, and you can also pass arrays in as a script parameter too.  Found this: http://santoshbenjamin.wordpress.com/2008/09/30/powershell-and-arrays-as-named-parameters/

The key for a script or function parameter is [String[]]$Server=”*”

I Like it ALOT!