#Powershell and #NetApp SnapDrive

I blogged this script earlier, but discovered an undocumented feature where the last entry in the output was not added to the array object.  Here is the updated version

Write-Host "Running sdcli disk list"
$diskInfo = Invoke-Expression "sdcli disk list"
$sdclidisks  = @()

$fields  = "UNCPath","LUNPath","StorageSystem","StorageSystemPath","Type","Diskserialnumber","BackedbySnapshotCopy"
$fields += "Shared","BootOrSystemDisk","SCSIport","Bus","Target","LUN","Readonly","Size","SnapmirrorSource","SnapvaultPrimary"
$fields += "DiskPartitionStyle","CloneSplitRestorestatus","DiskID","VolumeName","Mountpoints","IPAddresses","FCinitiatorWWPN"
ForEach($Item in $DiskInfo){
  $tmpItem = $Item.Trim()
  $tmpItemSplit = $tmpItem.Split(":")
  Switch -Wildcard ($tmpItem){
    "The operation completed successfully.*" {$sdclidisks  += $sdcliDiskList}
    "UNC Path:*"  {$sdclidisks  += $sdcliDiskList
                   $sdcliDiskList = "" | Select $fields
                   $sdcliDiskList.UNCPath = $tmpItemSplit[-1]}

    "LUN Path:*"                   {$sdcliDiskList.LUNPath                 = $tmpItemSplit[-1]}
    "Storage System:*"             {$sdcliDiskList.StorageSystem           = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Storage System Path:*"        {$sdcliDiskList.StorageSystemPath       = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Type:*"                       {$sdcliDiskList.Type                    = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Disk serial number:*"         {$sdcliDiskList.Diskserialnumber        = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Backed by Snapshot Copy:*"    {$sdcliDiskList.BackedbySnapshotCopy    = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Shared:*"                     {$sdcliDiskList.Shared                  = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "BootOrSystem Disk:*"          {$sdcliDiskList.BootOrSystemDisk        = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "SCSI port:*"                  {$sdcliDiskList.SCSIport                = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Bus:*"                        {$sdcliDiskList.Bus                     = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Target:*"                     {$sdcliDiskList.Target                  = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "LUN:*"                        {$sdcliDiskList.Lun                     = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Readonly:*"                   {$sdcliDiskList.Readonly                = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Size:*"                       {$sdcliDiskList.Size                    = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Snapmirror Source:*"          {$sdcliDiskList.SnapmirrorSource        = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Snapvault Primary:*"          {$sdcliDiskList.SnapvaultPrimary        = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Disk Partition Style:*"       {$sdcliDiskList.DiskPartitionStyle      = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Clone Split Restore status:*" {$sdcliDiskList.CloneSplitRestorestatus = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "DiskID:*"                     {$sdcliDiskList.DiskID                  = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "Volume Name:*"                {$sdcliDiskList.VolumeName              = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
    "*Mount points:*"              {$sdcliDiskList.Mountpoints             = $tmpItem.Split("`t")[-1].trim()}
    "IP Addresses:*"               {$sdcliDiskList.IPAddresses             = $tmpItemSplit[-1].trim()}
   "FC initiator WWPN:*"           {$sdcliDiskList.FCinitiatorWWPN         = $tmpItem.Split("`t")[-1].trim()}

$sdclidisks = $sdclidisks | where {$_.DiskID -ne $Null}

Now you have $sdclidisks you can say export to csv.



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