New Release: On Demand Migration for Email

This just rocked up in my mailbox from Quest:

We are excited to announce the new release of On Demand Migration for Email is now available.

Look what’s new:

  • ODME can now send an email notification to the source and / or target recipient for each successful completed mailbox migration
  • Delegating migrations are now simpler and can significantly reduce human error by leveraging Migration Templates. Migration templates are available for the following migration scenarios involving:
    • G Suite
    • GroupWise
    • Exchange
    • Office 365
  • Migrations from G Suite no longer require IMAP at the organization level.
  • No longer a limit on the number of mailboxes that can be migrated concurrently.
  • ODME is now able to migrate Recoverable Items from Exchange 2010 and higher.
  • For much more, please see Release Notes.

Mailbox Move to Exchange Online – Error: ASSERT: Reservation to update is not found

So I came across this “challenge” when trying to move a user from Exchange 2010 SP3 to Exchange Online.

All the others users in the batch worked fine, but one user would get to around 50% and then fail!

The batch log contained:

09/11/2017 17:42:55 [HE1PR04MB2985] User xx.xx' failed migration: Error: ASSERT: Reservation to update is not found

The user log wasn’t much better with:

09/11/2017 17:38:47 [HE1PR04MB3241] Fatal error ExAssertException has occurred.


MigrationMRSPermanentException: Error: ASSERT: Reservation to update is not found

So I tried something that I have done before. Using PowerShell and connecting to EXO, I ran:

Set-MoveRequest -Identity xx.xx -SkipMoving: FolderRestrictions, KnownCorruptions, FolderViews

I then restarted the batch

Start-MigrationBatch "yy_yy" -Verbose

And BOOM! it worked. Not sure what the hell was going on but hey, the user moved!

Hope this helps someone ;-)