I used this when I worked on the farside, but internally it was time bombed.  But now it’s free and it still rocks! .. multi threaded copy!


.. RichCopy is a free utility that comes to us from Ken Tamaru of Microsoft. The tool was first developed in 2001 and has been updated regularly to keep pace with evolving needs. Trust me when I tell you, this is the answer to all your file copying needs. What you’ll find most striking the first time you take RichCopy out for a spin is that it’s a multithreaded copying tool. That means that rather than copying one file at a time in serial order, RichCopy can open multiple threads simultaneously, allowing many files to be copied in parallel and cutting the total time required to complete the operation several times over. You can also pause and resume file copy operations, so if you lose network connectivity at any point, you can just pick up where you left off.


Microsoft Exchange Server by From Wikipedia

Just googling for an issue I heard about (aparently Exchange 2007 RTM might have some performance issues when you go over 500 users .. can’t be true but have the check it out)

Anyway found this on Wikipedia

Microsoft Exchange Server is a messaging and collaborative software product developed by Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Servers line of server products and is widely used by enterprises using Microsoft infrastructure solutions. Exchange’s major features consist of electronic mail, calendaring, contacts and tasks, and support for the mobile and web-based access to information, as well as supporting data storage.

Cool! they should pad it out with this by Paul Bowden

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