HTC Shift: xx Cannot be Opened .. in WM6

Damm, this was anoying the hell out of today.  All I wanted to do was install realvga, but I found that if I clicked on any .cab files in WM6, I would get this:

The file ‘xx’ cannot be opened.  Ether it is not signed with a trusted certificate, ir one of its components cannot be found.  If the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring the file.

So I re-downloaded, looked at the certs and nothing.  What it turned out to be was the way WM6 was locked down on the HTC Shift.

I found this thread ( and the answer was there ..

Using a registry editor in WM6, Navigate to


change the default value (Which should be blank) to

wceload.exe “%1” /nodelete

there is a space after the .exe and before the /nodelete here.

That was it .. realvga heaven!

Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters

So the iPhone 3g is out today, but if you can’t get one Reg Hardware have an alternative list of phone for you ;-)


10: Motorola Z10
 9: Palm Treo 500v
 8: Samsung SGH-F700
 7: Motorola Moto Q 9h
 6: HTC Touch Diamond
 5: Nokia N78
 4: HTC Touch Dual
 3: Nokia N81 8GB
 2: O2 XDA Orbit 2
 1: Check the website out ;-)

Decisions Decisions … an iPhone2 or not?

So I have had a look and play with a HTC Touch Diamond and its … okay, was a bit sluggish, but I seem some firmware updates have emerged so maybe its got better.

But what about the iPhone2? with 3g, its a sweet bit of kit, but has one very BIG issue for me … and that is o2.  I dont want to change from t-mobile, so why has apple take the stupid decision to stick with just one mobile phone provider?

The Microsoft or Nokia or anyother phone manufacturer, just make the phone and anyone can sell it on .. if apple followed this model they will sell a hell of a lot more iPhone .. instead, me thinks a trip to the good ole USA is due to pick up a grey market one. 

Then I saw this baby, the HTC Touch Pro .. based on the HTC Touch Diamond but with a keyboard .. hummm, but not as sexy as the iPhone .. Decisions, Decisions .. what should I do?