Headhunter by Ashley Gardiner

So I downloaded Amazon #Kindle to my #iPad, and I have my first book Headhunter by Ashley Gardiner (http://www.amazon.com/Headhunter-ebook/dp/B003TO5HJI/ref=pd_rhf_p_t_1)

Seeing as I was working in IT when all the banking issue happened I thought it might be a good read.  Will let you know how I get on .. Check it out ..

Darren Halford and his friends are enduring mediocre lives in the rat race, doing jobs they hate in the hope that one day they will be rewarded with a comfortable retirement.

He watches helplessly as the banking system collapses, making him just one of millions of ordinary citizens who have seen a bright financial future destroyed by the recklessness of bankers. Already worn down by the daily grind, Darren realises that their greed and stupidity have added more than two thousand commutes and ten years to his working life and eliminated any hopes of the comfortable retirement he had planned for and dreamed of.
Denied the satisfaction of seeing the villains punished and enraged by the contrasting fortunes of the perpetrators and victims, Darren takes matters into his own hands. He realises that his position as an IT engineer at a bank affords particular opportunities to track, manipulate then kill the financial Gods who thought they were immune to consequence.

In the course of inflicting vigilante justice Darren has to reconcile himself to the reality that he is no more immune to consequence than he has made his victims. He turns to his friends in the hope that they can save him from a premature and violent death.