AstraSync – Activesync for Blackberry

I saw this on Jason’s Blog .. AstraSync is scheduled to be released in July 2008 at $49 for a one mailbox 12 month subscription. You can register your interest by filling in the form below. Once you have submitted your details our sales team will contact you to provide further information on the product and release date.

Could be an interesting “cure” to all the users having OoO issues with BES & Exchange 2007 .. as long as the price is right!  Would be good to see it in action


AstraSync™ is a new software plug-in for BlackBerry® Smartphones that performs two-way over-the-air synchronization of email, calendar and contact data with a Microsoft Exchange 2007 or MailSite Fusion server.

AstraSync does this by implementing the Exchange ActiveSync and DirectPush protocols.

AstraSync can be downloaded over-the-air and runs silently in the background on the BlackBerry® Smartphone.

Users can configure the name of the ActiveSync server, their username and password and can select which data they wish to synchronize.


  • Synchronizes email, calendar and contacts over-the-air
  • Supports Exchange ActiveSync
  • Supports Exchange DirectPush
  • Supports secure https connection
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange 2007
  • Works with MailSite Fusion
  • Over-the-air download
  • Requires a simple one-time configuration

Decisions Decisions … an iPhone2 or not?

So I have had a look and play with a HTC Touch Diamond and its … okay, was a bit sluggish, but I seem some firmware updates have emerged so maybe its got better.

But what about the iPhone2? with 3g, its a sweet bit of kit, but has one very BIG issue for me … and that is o2.  I dont want to change from t-mobile, so why has apple take the stupid decision to stick with just one mobile phone provider?

The Microsoft or Nokia or anyother phone manufacturer, just make the phone and anyone can sell it on .. if apple followed this model they will sell a hell of a lot more iPhone .. instead, me thinks a trip to the good ole USA is due to pick up a grey market one. 

Then I saw this baby, the HTC Touch Pro .. based on the HTC Touch Diamond but with a keyboard .. hummm, but not as sexy as the iPhone .. Decisions, Decisions .. what should I do?

04566 Enterprise activation sequence on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

This is quite a good KB from the boys at Blackberry, it details the sequence of events that occurs in each component of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server during wireless enterprise activation is outlined below. The details include the lines that are written to the respective debug logs of each component.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server may not work correctly in Microsoft Exchange 2007 environments without public folders

How kewl is this ..  not! .. looks like it all down to Free/Busy lookups


Microsoft Exchange 2007 can be installed without public folders for environments with Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 and later as the messaging application. By default, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server requires public folder access. If public folders are not present, some functionality may be lost.


BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1 Service Pack 5

Interesting, this was kept quite :-| but indeed it is available for download from

Service Pack 5

  • File name: besx_upgrader_4.1.5.exe
  • File size: 308 MB
  • Date posted: 18-April-2008

And supporting docs are here:

So the release notes say:

  • Research In Motion (RIM) plans to discontinue support for the “You were BCC’d” portion of messages as of BlackBerry
    Enterprise Server Version 5.0 (SDR 79671).
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1 SP5 is not certified for use in Japanese environments.
  • RIM certifies that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server operates on VMware® ESX Server Version 3.0.1. As with any
    deployment of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, consider taking baseline measurements of performance after you
    install the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and then add users in stages to the server. In a VMware environment, other
    virtual machines might be running on that server, which might impact how many users the BlackBerry Enterprise
    Server can support. See the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1 Performance Benchmarking Guide for more
    information about performance measurements.
  • RIM has deemphasized support for BlackBerry® Instant Messaging for Microsoft® Office Live Communications Server
    2005 for Windows® Messenger users. RIM does not plan to release new versions of the BlackBerry Instant Messaging
    Connector and enterprise instant messaging application for Windows Messenger. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version
    4.1 SP5 and later maintenance releases will continue to include the connector that is compatible with the last release of
    the device client only (version The connector will not be included in BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 5.0
    or later.

The Feature and Technical Overview says:

  • The BlackBerry Enterprise Server now supports the Microsoft SQL Server 2005
    (64-bit) database management system.

None of the documents mention anything about Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 only Exchange 2007!

KB13732: How to move from a local to a remote BlackBerry Router service

Need this article the other day.

Two Blackberry servers, one in another country.  bbsrptest worked for both, but when we went install Blackberry, bbsrptest failed :-| Now the firewall guys swear they didn’t make any change (yeah right) but we need to get Blackberry working ASAP, while they sorted out why bbsrptest wasn’t working!

John found this and it works a dream.  Basically you can route a Blackberry server via another Blackberry server to get out to the RIM on the internet.  Nice!

Source: 0 116038086

How to move from a local to a remote BlackBerry Router service

On the remote server:

  1. Select Start > Run and type regedit to open the Registry Editor.
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREResearch In MotionBlackBerryRouter, then double-click AllowRemoteServices.
  3. Change the Value data field entry to 1, then click OK.
  4. Close the Registry Editor, then restart the BlackBerry Router service.

On the local server:

  1. Open BlackBerry Server Configuration, then select the BlackBerry Server tab.
  2. In the Router Host field, type the host name of the new Router service and click Apply then OK.

It is that simple!

Just Announced! BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 Service Pack 5

This just arrived in my inbox … no mention of support for Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1!

Packed with new features to simplify administration and increase productivity! Includes BlackBerry® Monitoring Service for high availability through enhanced monitoring, alert, troubleshooting and reporting capabilities. Enhanced security features include encrypted attachment viewing and increased control over GPS and Bluetooth®. Plus, BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager simplifies upgrades by letting users install and manage software using browser-enabled computers.

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server v4.1 Service Pack 5 will be available soon. More details will be published in next month’s issue of BlackBerry Connection.

Register now for these webcasts:
What’s New in BlackBerry® Enterprise Server v4.1 with Service Pack 5 for IBM® Lotus® Domino®: February 20, 2008

What’s New in BlackBerry® Enterprise Server v4.1 with Service Pack 5 for Microsoft® Exchange®: February 21, 2008

Feature overview

What’s New with BlackBerry Enterprise Solution v4.1 Updated with Service Pack 5

With the latest release of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution, your organization gains new wireless capabilities as well as access to enhanced administrative features.

Improve End User Productivity

  • Support for HTML and Rich Text email allows BlackBerry smartphone users to receive email messages with their original formatting preserved.
    • Users can read email more easily, view embedded images, hyperlinks, tables, bullets, numbering and indentation.
  • Free-busy calendar lookup improves meeting scheduling on the go.
    • Users can view the meeting attendee availability and automatically find the next available time that attendees can meet.
  • Download and edit email attachments in their native file formats for improved productivity while users are away from their desks.
    • Users can save file attachments to their BlackBerry smartphones, work on the documents and include them in replies to colleagues
  • Advanced instant messaging and presence features include improved address book integration, IM contact “click to call”, IM session “convert to call” and advanced emoticon support.
    • Allows coworkers to collaborate and communicate more effectively using their BlackBerry smartphone
  • BlackBerry Client for IBM® Lotus® Connections provides social software for business. Learn about a new way to collaborate.
    • Your employees can build new connections and communicate and collaborate more easily.

Simplify Management and Support

  • BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager is a web-based application that is designed to lower the total cost of ownership for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution.
    • Reduces the number of BlackBerry® software components installed on end-user workstations
    • Allows BlackBerry smartphone users to install software and manage their devices using any browser-enabled computer
  • BlackBerry® Monitoring Service helps organizations maintain high availability and high performance of their BlackBerry Enterprise Solution infrastructure.
    • Provides administrators with enhanced monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting and reporting capabilities
    • Enables proactive issue identification and resolution

942227: You may receive duplicate Out of Office messages in Outlook 2003 after your mailbox is migrated to Exchange Server 2007

You couldn’t make this up!  We are seeing this mainly with Blackberry users and Outlook 2003 … gets even better!

“ the present time RIM do not support Exchange 2007 SP1 for use with BlackBerry Enterprise Server software”

Remind me, how long has Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 been out?

January 30, 2008

942227: You may receive duplicate Out of Office messages in Outlook 2003 after your mailbox is migrated to Exchange Server 2007

Your mailbox is migrated from Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server or from Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. After this occurs, you may receive duplicate Out of Office messages. This issue occurs when you use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 as the e-mail client.

This issue occurs because Outlook 2003 changes the PR_OOF_STATE property or the LegacyReplyTemplate property before the Exchange 2007 Out of Office Assistant can process the change. Because this change is never processed, the client produces a duplicate Out of Office message.

To resolve this issue, install Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1.