HTC Advantage / Ameo: Athena Project Black Dual by PK 3.0

Oh my gawd is all I have to say.  So Jason started the ball rolling by posting Can you use the HTC Advantage as a Laptop replacement?  This then led to Jenneth with How I turned the HTC Advantage into a laptop replacement. The final path was here Athena Project Black Dual by PK 3.0


It’s is bl00dy brilliant.

I had to use the unlock software first which is here: as the upgrade stopped at 1%.  But after that it was a sweet upgrade.

Still getting used to things, but will report back once I have had a real play .. one thing is that its quicker than the normal WM6 ROM!  Microsoft & HTC check this out!

HTC defines Mobile Computing with Introduction of Shift

About time too .. I want one NOW!

40gb Harddisk, GSM/GPRS/EDGE .. no sign of GPS :-|

Expansys has it due 11th Jan 2008 and Inkino on the 16th Jan 2007.  Humm late Christmas present or early birthday present?


Hong Kong — 12 December 2007 — HTC Corp. (TAIEX: 2498; “HTC”), the world’s leading provider of Microsoft® Windows Mobile® smart devices, today announced the expansion of its product portfolio to include a groundbreaking computing device that focus on providing users with the definitive mobile computer experience. The HTC Shift brings a new era in mobile computing by combining the power of Windows Vista®, 3.5G/HSDPA connectivity and always-connected push email into an innovative sliding keyboard design. The HTC Shift is the epitome of extraordinary form, and delivers unparalleled functionality in a sleek, compact design.

The HTC Shift is HTC’s first device to feature the innovative new SnapVUE™ technology. SnapVUE™ provides instant access to emails, calendar, SMS messages and contacts without the need to fully boot up the device, helping to conserve power and extend battery life.

With onboard tri-band UMTS/HSDPA and quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, the HTC Shift allows users to link up to any mobile network, and enjoy high-speed internet access anywhere. With Bluetooth® 2.0 and Wi-Fi®, the Shift is also a perfect companion with most PCs, notebooks and wireless LAN networks.

Weighing in at just 800g and equipped with a 7” touch sensitive ‘slide-n-tilt’ screen, the HTC Shift also hides a full QWERTY keyboard. With up to 2 days of battery life on standby, the HTC Shift is the new way to work efficiently and effectively on the move. (Subject to operation circumstances and settings)

Visto Corporation

This is interesting, these guys ( are after a load of companies, check this out 

# *Visto Corp. v. Research In Motion (E.D. Tex.) – Patent infringement action pending against RIM in the Eastern District of Texas (Marshall) involving the Visto patent portfolio.  RIM is the provider of the Blackberry wireless messaging hardware and software.

# *Visto Corp. v. Good Technology, Inc. (E.D. Tex.) – Patent infringement action pending in the Eastern District of Texas (Marshall) involving the Visto patent portfolio.  Good is the provider of GoodLink wireless messaging software.

# *Visto Corp. v. Seven Networks, Inc. (E.D. Tex.) – Patent infringement action pending in the Eastern District of Texas (Marshall) involving the Visto patent portfolio.  Seven is the provider of Sprint Business Connection software and Cingular Xpress Mail software.  The parties are awaiting entry of final judgment following a jury verdict of infringement in favor of Visto earlier this year.

This is a bit close to my heart .. the Patent seem a bit vague and not specific … how they can justify all these actions is interesting … maybe the patent system in the USA has a small flaw … looks like the only people that will make money out of this are the lawyers :-| # Visto Corp. v. Microsoft (E.D. Tex.) – Patent infringement action pending against Microsoft in the Eastern District of Texas (Marshall/Texarkana). Visto holds a portfolio of patents directed to wireless messaging and email, calendar and contact synchronization, including U.S. Patent No. 6,085,192, which recently emerged from reexamination. Microsoft recently announced Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP) for Windows Mobile 5.0 and Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Direct Push technology in MSFP and Exchange Server 2003 SP2 is designed to allow Exchange Server to send messages and other PIM information directly to Windows Mobile 5.0 devices over the air (OTA) through wireless accounts.
A system uses a global translator to automatically synchronize multiple copies of a workspace element across different formats between multiple sites in a secure network environment, independent of whether the sites are protected by site firewalls. The secure network environment includes a global server connected to multiple clients. The system includes a first store for storing a first workspace element in a first format, a second store for storing a second workspace element which is an independently modifiable copy of the first workspace element in a second format, a communications channel coupling the first store to the second store, synchronization means for synchronizing the first workspace element and the second workspace element, and a translator for translating between the first format and the second format.

Actually looks like this has been going on for a while .. check this out:

Is there a spy in your BlackBerry? Servers in UK may be tapped

Oh dear! .. Saw this in the London Lite last night.


Servers for BlackBerry in the UK may be being tapped into, in order to steal information from private handsets.

France’s national security forces have warned that the wireless devices can be intercepted and have banned their use in the president’s and prime minister’s offices.

The security services said BlackBerry’s servers in this country and in the US can be used to gather state secrets.


Blackberry reveals failure cause

You see it always pays to test and test again or this will happen!!!! Do you think the tester still works for them?
The maker of the Blackberry wireless e-mail device says an insufficiently tested software upgrade was the cause of this week’s network failure.

Blackberry’s US and North American users lost their service on Tuesday and Wednesday as a result of the problem.

Research In Motion (RIM) said it was now looking to improve its testing and recovery processes to prevent such an outage happening again.