TechReview: Samsung Omnia

Okay, so I couldn’t resist any more and I upgraded my phone to an 8gb Samsung Omnia (Thanks Dan for getting it in for me).  Here is my first every YouTube post :-| The quality is okay … I have been playing with another toy, a Oregon Scientific ActionCam ATC5K.

So the Samsung SGH-i900 aka Omnia has a 3.2” WQVGA (240×400) touchscreen display, a 5 megapixel camera with Auto Focus and flash, TV Out, FM Radio and runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

Bundled with the device (in the ROM) is the usual collection of Windows Mobile apps, plus an RSS & Podcast Reader, video editing software, Office Mobile , Opera and touch enabled call log, phone book and a touch player.

It can do HSDPA up to 7.2Mbps and has Wi-FI and Bluetooth 2.0 and embedded GPS

It measures 112 x 56.9 x 12.5 mm and comes in at 125g

The Omnia can come with either 16gb or 8gb of internal storage (it would appear that in the UK orange is the only one offering the 16gb version) and takes a micro-sd by the battery (currently the largest you can get is 16gb)

When I first started to use it wanted to put in the bin.  It was a complete pile of rubbish, as the bundled software is a small shell over Windows Mobile 6.1 and that is it.  Taking to Sean he showed me spb menu, which has make a hell of a difference to the phone and makes it “touch”able.  In addition I downloaded google maps, which works really well with the built in GPS.

Battery life is interesting. With active sync on, it generally gives me a day (if I am lucky) which is a bit bad.  Another thing is it get hot! on the back near the bottom.

The camera is nice an easy to use and the picture are quite good quality


and the video seems a bit “low” res

Voice quality is excellent both and the screen is crystal clear and bright. The accelerometer can be really annoying, as it’s seems very sensitive, even when you put it to the lowest setting.  The Omina also offers vibration feedback. Enabled by default, the device vibrates every you do anything

So what do you get in the box …  well

  • Battery
  • Plug Charger
  • USB Cable
  • PC Software CD
  • Standard Headset
  • Stylus (that can’t be “inserted” in to the phone) but can be attached!


On the whole it has a nice weight and sits well in your hand.  It seems quite responsive and my 8gb model rocks now that I have added a 16gb micro sd.

So am I happy parting my well earned cash?  Yeah I am now, thanks to spb menu .. BUT I was very close to returning it!