Microsoft Surface RT and Bluetooth Headphones

Interesting (honest) !! So I normally watch TV series on my to work in the morning and for quite a while I have not used my Bluetooth headphones.

So this morning, I thought, what the hell, they are charged, lets give them a go!

MISTAKE! big stylie.  Connected them up and started to watch an MKV and the surface ran like a 3 legged dog.  Playback was just not happening in shape or form.

Shut the Bluetooth headphone off, jacked in a wired set and hey presto, back to normal.

Tried it with music too, with the same problem.  I remember this being a problem when I first tried this with my RT, and it appears it’s still not fixed :-|


First day with my Microsoft Surface


So I was lucky enough to have my Microsoft Surface RT turn up on Monday. I was like a child a Christmas when I opened the box!

Tuesday was my first full day with it and I like it.  The Windows 8 Metro interface takes a bit of getting used to, as does the lack of being able to install “normal” applications but that is fine.

What is a shame is that it doesn’t come with a pen as it would make it the full package, but that will happen with the Pro version.

The touch keyboard is really strange, but amazingly usable and a great addition to the device.  The way it just snaps on and folds over or behind the screen is great and with the kick stand works really well. The device is a nice weight, feels well build, but can get a bit heavy when you hold it for a period of time I one hand. What would be nice is a popup on the screen when you click on shift or CAPS.  The number of times writing this I thought I pressed shift but didn’t. I suppose I am used to my iPad that “holds” shift down for the next key you type.

The screen is beautiful even with high quality pictures and video.  It is also a magnet for finger prints and quite reflective.  While watching a video on the train, I could see a reflection of my ugly mug in in the screen!  As far as video is concerned, I wish it could place MKV files out of the box, but it can’t, and I am unable to find an app in the App Store yet.  On the App Store it really needs a search button and to get some more apps, but I suppose that will come.  It is the lack of apps that will force me to keep my iPad on me for the moment!

As you would expect I have had a few issues.  The Evernote metro app crashes a lot, I have had some issue playing music on a very old micro sd card, but that could be the card, as I had similar issues video playback.  I have a new micro sd on order from amazon so will report back once it arrives.

All in all, the RT is very responsive, could do with built in 3 or 4G, and nice to use.  Would I recommend it? With the pro version coming soon, probably not if you don’t have the cash to get it, if you do have some spare cash then god yeah.

Windows 8 is a game changer as far as computing goes.  I have been using a tablet pc for a good few years now, and see the shift Microsoft is making.  Some people will like it and some will not.  To get the full benefit you do need touch!

My ideal device would have been the Microsoft Courier.  Think of two kindle sized screens stitched together, with what looked like an excellent interface, with touch and pen.  Someone could make this using Windows 8 and it would be awesome.  Turn it landscape with a kick stand and one screen could be a touch screen keyboard!

I am starting to really like Windows 8.  Yes it is different, but touch make things much more fun and it has to be the way forward.  Lets see what the Pro version and other hardware manufactures can do with this innovative OS and Microsoft sort the App Store so I can hand my iPad down to my wife!