Exchange 2010 with UAG and Moving Mailboxes to o365

Came across this the other, when moving mailboxes from Exchange 2010 to Office 365.

The move works, but takes a hell of a long time.  If you look in the move logs you see:

Transient error MrsHttpInternalServerErrorException has occurred.

It would appear that UAG has a limit of some kind that is causing these errors.

I have not tried this, however Microsoft suggest you can try create following registry key on the UAG servers.

 Value: 30 (Decimal)

Microsoft suggests that this registry key should be removed from the servers, after completing the mailbox migration task.

Activate the UAG server configuration after applying this registry key and then do “IISreset” on all UAG servers.

#Lync Ignite

So, just finished the 5 day Lync Ignite at Global Knowledge, and it was okay.  The labs are really good (when they work) and the courseware is okay (a lots of sales stuff and not updated for RTM!)

So here are some of the links and ramblings I made … enjoy



  • Private line – can only receive calls .. Can’t make them.
  • Bandwidth 1 hd session = t1
  • MMC gone, now silverlight. No right click!
  • Lync Standard Edition – all roles and SQL on same server.
  • James O’Neil OCS powershell module!
  • RBAC used for permissions
  • Call park to park Lync calls
  • Potentially 50% reduction in severs when you virtualise
  • CMS = SQL
  • Lync will have NO service packs?!
  • Test call option in the lync client
  • LIS used for location services
  • Zero Day is a new book by Mark Russinovich
  • DNS LB: Client gets all the dns addresses and works out which on to use.
  • SBA: cheaper than having a separate lync server


  • Powershell is a Microsoft task automation platform
  • Powershell v3 is coming

Import-module lync
(get-help *-cs*).count
Out-host –paging
Import-module ActiveDirectory


  • Install-CSAdServerSchema
  • Enable-CSAdForest
  • Enable-CSAdDomain

#PowerShell Certificates

Found this today, and its bloody great!

Hey, Scripting Guy! How can I use Windows PowerShell and the .NET Framework classes to work with certificates?

Playing with #Excel

This is damm clever.  So I have a spreadsheet with a month on each sheet.  I created a summary sheet, and wanted to have a formula on the summary sheet that was clever enough to look at the column heading and reference the related sheet.  I found this website:

Summary Sheet






Jan Sheet








How wicked it that! Well it made my day anyway

Office Communicator Configuration Information

Blimey this is good!


Administrators, users and troubleshooters value the possibility in Outlook 2007 to get status about the connections: by holding the ctrl key while right clicking the Outlook icon in the notification area and choosing “Connection Status” (see also

With the new R2 version of the client, Microsoft introduces a similar dialog for Office Communicator 2007 R2. Hold Ctrl while right clicking the OC 2007 R2 icon in the notification area, choose “Configuration Information…”

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Management Tools update for the release version of Hyper-V

How cool is this, dunno y I didn’t think of looking for it before. Both 32 and 64 bit versions are available.


The Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Management Tools update for the release version of Hyper-V is now available from the Microsoft Download Center. This update package installs the management tools for the release version of Hyper-V technology on a computer that is running Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1).

The only additional thing I needed to do was follow this:


Tom sent me some interesting links just in case you toast e2k7 users by mistake :-| Not tested this yet, but might just for the fun of it in my lab

Undelete the OU/Users/Groups via (

– or –

ADRestore v1.1 ( &

Then reset password, enable account and re-attach the mailbox.